Aaric Eabbe April 17, 2019

We know how important a travel insurance plan is when it comes to getting overseas travel insurance. While looking for travel insurance online, one might come across several travel insurance plans that might suit ones taste. But the deal is to pick the right one! While travel insurance is sometimes not deemed necessary by many, one never knows what can happen when looking forward to an idyllic sojourn beside the sea. Speaking of the sea, here are the top ten beaches across the globe for the deserving vacationer.

Grace Bay in Turks and Caicos

Laden with silver sands and buffered by a mile long barrier reef that stretches out to the sea, Grace Bay near Providenciales island is the star of the Atlantic when it comes to an idyllic getaway by the sea.

Baia do Sancho in Brazil

If one loves snorkeling in clear waters, then this beach on Fernando de Noronha is the place to go. These islands are protected by the UNO because of its corals and the Morro de Pico, a volcanic formation.

Varadero beach in Cuba

Other than caves and cays, this stunning beach located in the Matanzas resort has fine sands and a virgin forest cover abounding it – a must-visit for sea lovers!

Eagle beach in Aruba

The fine silvery sand, turtle nests and the splendid fofoti trees are the hallmarks of this beautiful seaside getaway in Oranjestad in Aruba. Camping and tennis are popular here.

Seven mile beach in Cayman Islands

The beach stretches its sands to all for about 6.3 miles. During the evenings, the restaurants, hotels and bars that line it come alive with music and the clinking of glasses.

La Concha Beach in Spain

One of the loveliest beaches in Europe, the golden sands of La Concha is set between the Urgull and Igueldo mountains that make walking along the sands a memorable experience.

Clearwater beach in USA

One of USA’s best beaches, this beach in Florida has all the entertainment one can ask for including street performers and musicals.

Seven Mile Beach in Jamaica

This beach once abounded with pirates, but now it has become a favorite spot for sea lovers who bury themselves in the sands to soak up the sun.

Bavaro Beach in Dominican Republic

Bavaro beach is a popular spot for tourists who love to swim in the clear waters and walk along the sandy stretches. One can even visit the golf club here.

Playa Norte in Mexico

Dotted by palm trees, Playa Norte in Cancun is a favorite for cyclists and serves the best seafood at every corner. It is quieter than the other beaches that are near it.

So, before you prep up your itinerary and pack your bags, consider getting yourself a well-sought travel insurance plan. Let your overseas insurance policy keep you covered while you bask in the beach sun with your loved ones!