Aaric Eabbe November 11, 2017

Nagaland has always been a mysterious place to people not from the North-East part of India. Being a land of rich and varied cultures and traditions, not many know much about it which makes visiting the place and checking it out for yourself an even greater experience. This is a must-travel list of places in Nagaland that you should definitely check out for your next trip to the North-East. The state of Nagaland not being far from the capitol city of Assam, Guwahati, Bike rental in Guwahati is easily source to travel there.


Dimapur is the unofficial meeting hub of all the different tribes of Nagaland. The city of Dimapur has many scenic views and historical landscapes to offer to the traveller with places like the Kachari ruins that date all the way back to the 13th century and are a sight to witness.


Being the capitol of Nagalandand as well as home to the Angami tribe, Kohima mixes it well with urban and natural beauty. Unlike Dimapur which is mostly plains, Kohima is mostly hills and they provide some of the most beautiful sceneries you could think of. All in all, a place to surely check out if you are in Nagaland.


Wokha, home to the Lotha tribe, is kissed by nature and could possibly be the best scenic city in all of Nagaland. Only 4 hours away from Kohima, Wokha is blessed with amazing looking hills and a river that slithers through it in the most magnificent way possible. Look out for a tourist village near Riphyim, you would want to visit there as it’s pretty cool.


Home to the Konyak tribe of Nagaland, Mon is a great place to visit for its cultural and traditional roots that are very prevalent there. Once there, try visiting the village of Longwa which falls under the Mon district and which also is right next to the border of Myanmar, as the village has many sights to check out. Also, try visiting Mon around April, as they hold the Aoleong Fest which is a grand celebration.


Land of the Ao tribe, Mokokchung displays beauty in all forms. The place has many sites to see in and around the district and should be checked out if you visit there. Places like Longkhum which provide exquisite natural beauty as well as great handicraft items. Check out Ungma which showcases the deep culture and the history of the Ao tribe. All in all this is a place you should visit if and when in Nagaland.

Apart from these places there are many more awesome places in the state of Nagaland that one should explore to witness the rich and deep heritage, culture and tradition of the Nagas. For people looking for hassle-free renting of transport in the form of bikes, you could easily get cheap and great bikes at Wheelstreet.com India bike rental service for checking out all these awesome places in the land of the Nagas.