Aaric Eabbe September 12, 2018

There was the heavy rain and the sky was all grey, but the SAP Extreme Sailing Team stood on the water comfortably and won five races out of eight races the day had.

The early postponement of the race because of rain squalls emerged into high intensity racing on the Welsh waters. The seven international teams, who came to take part in the race with full energy around the race course. They all were determined to secure the top spot in the race the UK Act of the 2018 Series, before the Kotor Yacht Charter season started.

During the race, the visibility of the course was not the best, but that did not lessen their excitement. That did not become the hurdle for these excited international sailors. It was like no problem for the Danes. He always had the first place finish in his sights.

After completing the race when skipper Rasmus Kostner was asked about the experience he had during the race, he said, “It is really great to be the part of leading the fleet. No doubt the day was challenging as there was lots of breeze present. The crew on the boat as well as I was in needs to keep it tight all around the racecourse. Though, the conditions were difficult but, we started well and so we were able to do well all through the race and done well. Here, it is a short course, but the course makes the sailing extremely entertaining to watch.”

In spite of their continuous podium finishes, the team of Danish requested many damage, delays all through the Cardiff opener. Adam Minoprio said, “During the race, we had a few damages with locks and winches that hold the sail at the top of the rig. Still, we managed to survive so, that was really good for us overall.”