Aaric Eabbe August 3, 2018

Mekong Delta is Vietnam’s southern region where you can discover some of the country’s great wonders. This lush tropical region boasts a strong ecotourism industry. If you are visiting this region, cruising down the Mekong River in a boat taxi is just one of the experiences you can have. Museums, floating markets, ancient temples, scenic rice paddy farms and fruit orchards make the region a great place to stay in. Here are some of the famous things you should do in Mekong Delta.

Visit the Sam Mountain

A lot of tourists visit Sam Mountain for a small yet peak climb. This provides them with a scenic and cultural experience as they pass many tombs, shrines, a temple and relief statutes. Many Chinese and Vietnamese regard this climb as a pilgrimage. Once climbers reach the peak, they can enjoy amazing views from the small military post where they can look into the country on side and Cambodia on the other.

Embark in River Boat Cruises

Taking a boat along portions of the Mekong River is one of the many reasons tourists visit Mekong Delta. There are a lot of tours available that take visitors along the river and different canals every day. A number of tours have some stops such as in rice paper factories, temples, and flower farms. But, every tour allows you to past thick forests, villages and rice farms. If you want the best of your Meking experience, book a breathtaking luxury Mekong river cruises by Secret Retreats.

Go to Chau Doc

Chau Doc is situated along the river where you can explore their monuments, temples, mosques, and marketplace. Explore cultural and religious sites from the De Dao Trang Plaza to the Chau Phu temple. You can also take a quick trip to the Chau Giang Mosque across the river.

Shop Local Items at Floating Markets

Mekong Delta’s floating markets depict a vibrant part of local life in the region. Growers rowing their small boats are selling tropical fruits they grow themselves. Mekong Delta is home to most rice exported from Vietnam.

Explore the Tra Su Indigo Forest

This ecotourism site is a forested area that tends to become flooded during the rainy season (September to October). But, this is the perfect time of the year to visit this place to take a guided boat tour through the forest. During the high water season, you can take the tour from Ho Chi Minh City.