Aaric Eabbe February 1, 2020

If you’re traveling during the winter, it is essential to keep yourself warm at all times. Traveling during the winter is no joke with unpredictable temperatures and the constant threat of rain and snow looming. Besides drinking one’s weight in mulled wine, you need to have the right accessories. Packing the right things for your winter vacation will improve your stay and keep you warm. Below are a few winter travel tips to help travelers have a memorable holiday.

Carry-on luggage

If you’re planning on going away on a winter vacation, we recommend that you pack everything into carry-on luggage. Having carry-on luggage is more comfortable than having to lug around an enormous suitcase. Ensure you have a backpack that is comfortable and roomy at the same time if you need to bring extra items. For those travelers who prefer rolling luggage, the Away Suitcase is considered as one of the best. With an in-built portable charger, this suitcase is a game-changer. Travelers get extra space coupled with an integrated laundry compressor for when doing the laundry becomes necessary.

Don’t forget your favorite moisturizer

For winter travelers, moisturizer is a must-have item when on a trip. The dry air will cause your skin to crack; therefore, you need to ensure you pack your best moisturizer for dry skin to cure any dryness. Sunscreen is also a must as the sun in the summer isn’t the only type of sun that can give you a sunburn. If you can manage to keep your skin protected from the harsh and dry winter air, your winter vacation will be all the more enjoyable. So, don’t forget to toss in your favorite bottle of lotion before taking off.


Having heavy mittens and wool gloves will not help during the winter. Long gone are the days when winter travelers most preferred the two. You should instead get thin and waterproof gloves to keep your hands warm. Go for gloves that allow your hands to breathe easily and have a strong grip. Also, ensure you get quick-drying gloves for your winter vacation, in case they ever get wet. After all, nobody wants cold hands.

Hats are the secret to staying warm

Hats ensure your head is warm and covers your ears from the cold temperature. Make sure to get a hat that covers your ears and neck. It is ideal to have a hat that has no flaps either. Avoid packing a winter hat that is decorated with fluff balls or wasted mass. This type of hat will only take up more space than is necessary. The hat you choose should be ideally made of material to ensure maximum warmth. Your hat should be at the top of your priority list to ensure you keep your head warm during your winter vacation.

Pack warm wool socks

Warm wools will help keep your feet warm during your winter vacation. Pack enough to suffice you during your trip. Make sure you also wear no more than two pairs at all times. Wearing less than two pairs or more will guarantee that your feet will freeze. Bring waterproof socks just in case the snow seeps through your boots or decides to melt and puddles of water form around you.

Pack boots, leave shoes at home

Slip on boots are easy to carry and are considered travel-friendly by most travelers. Boots also match with every fashion wear you have. A good reason to have boots is so that you can walk for hours in them. This means your comfort is guaranteed during the cold winter and your feet will be warm throughout. Your feet will be kept dry by boots better than what flats and sneakers can do. Most boots are waterproof and have thin and flexible soles that allow your feet to function with ease.

Packable down jacket

Ensure you bring at least two jackets during your winter trip. A heavy wool jacket is ideal during the extra cold nights. It is also okay to wear wool jackets during the sunny winter days, however, you can also pack a lighter jacket for warmer days. Lightweight jackets ensure comfort all throughout your travel. If you travel in areas where the temperatures are sub-zero, get a higher fill jacket for extra warmth. A proven alternative to wool jackets is a thermal-insulated one.

You can also choose to pack a waterproof coat so you don’t waste space on an extra rain jacket. Make sure to go for longer, oversized coats or long down-filled coats to help you feel cozy and warm. Your jacket is arguably the most important thing to have during your winter vacation.

Polarized sunglasses

During the winter, sunlight is considered weak but can still have a damaging effect on your eyes. Make sure to wear polarized sunglasses when driving especially if the sunlight is in your line of sight. In such cases, polarized sunglasses are ideal. The advantages of having polarized sunglasses include improving visual comfort, reducing eye strains, and reducing reflections by eliminating glare.


Make sure you don’t forget to pack a set of sweaters when traveling during the winter. You can dress them up by layering them over collared blouses and shirts for a touch of style. A merino wool sweater is the best sweater to wear during your winter travel experience. It is known to bring warmth and collects no odors after being worn a handful of times.

Travel Jeans

Travel jeans were created to solve possible complications during your travel. Aviator USA jeans are a perfect match for anyone traveling during the winter. Known for being super stretchy and soft, travel jeans are a must-have. These jeans dry quickly when wet and can accommodate for extra layers of clothing. Water-resistant pants are also a must-have for anyone vacationing during the winter months. They will guarantee a dry and warm experience when adequately layered.

Travel lifestyle camera

You don’t need to carry around a bulky camera to take great photos during your winter vacation trip. Travelers simply need a pocket-friendly camera that guarantees all the shots are captured. The Canon Powershot is the best for taking photos while on the go. For travelers who are planning to hit the slopes, the GoPro is a popular choice. Your camera will help capture the best moments during your winter vacation trip, thus, making it an essential tool to have.

Traveling during the winter is a fantastic experience, and with the right accessories, you will have the best time and be stress-free.

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