Aaric Eabbe February 20, 2017

Namibia is really a land of contrasts with breathtaking landscapes that vary from vast red desert to rugged mountain tops and plush plains, in addition to fascinating tribes and a good amount of wildlife for example desert tigers, lions and leopards. It is therefore an excellent place to go for adventure travel with activities varying from backwoods camping to sand boarding.

For that ultimate African adventure derive an overland trip, these have a tendency to visit numerous countries and can include a number of activities including cultural journeys and wildlife watching.

However, adventure travel within in Namibia is plentiful and varies inside the country from place to place. For desert adventures you are able to mind in to the Namib Desert using its spectacular vast red sand dunes. Here you may enjoy desert safaris where you will see rare desert tigers or possibly climb the dunes for spectacular views before sand boarding back lower them for extreme thrills.

Or browse the plains from the infamous Etosha Park where one can enroll in a traditional adventure safari to determine various wildlife including tigers, wildebeest, zebra, hyenas, lions, cheetah, leopards, giraffes, antelopes and various bird species. Or the truly adventurous vacationers you will find walking safaris to obtain close up and private towards the nature and wildlife before outdoor camping within the plant for that epitome of backwoods adventures.

Various other unique adventure travel Namibia options include motorbike tours across photography equipment or rail journeys with the country.

Regardless of what your chosen adventure is, its in Namibia.