Aaric Eabbe July 11, 2018

Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark. It is known for being an urban hot-spot loaded with culture brimming from its ancient streets and monuments. It is a dwelling to the storytellers like Hans Christian Andersen and many others too. Read on for the books which are based on Copenhagen.

  1. In the Company of Angels

This classic by Thomas E. Kennedy is deemed to be the Copenhagen Quartet. It showcases the connection between a poet on a political exile and a domestic abuse survivor who confront each other in Copenhagen. It also showcases the throes that humans face and still survives in the face of the impossible.

  1. The Cats of Copenhagen

This book is authored by James Joyce after seventy years of his death. The book is an interesting account of fat cars walking on the Copenhagen streets.

  1. How to Live in Denmark?

A light-hearted take on how to live in Copenhagen just like a local Danish. It is a handy guide to everything right from how to find a job to how to impress a date to finding hotel Copenhagen apartments for accommodation. In the times of xenophobia, this book gives a humorous touch and optimism.

  1. Miss Smilla’s Feeling for Snow

This book is authored by Peter Hoeg and is deemed to be a gem in Danish postmodern literature. This book is based on a six-year-old child of Miss Smilla’s neighbor who falls to his death. But there is something more to what meets the eye. Miss Smilla knows that it was not a mere accident and the snow gives her the dark revelations.

  1. The 500 Hidden Secrets of Copenhagen

It is a classic insider guide when it comes to gaining knowledge about everything Copenhagen. Museums, pubs, restaurants, memorable spots and the best places with New Nordic cuisine.