Aaric Eabbe May 15, 2019

Most folks usually are not aware about the serene beauty of Bad Gastein. The surreal place is extremely famous for a number of reasons like skiing, hiking and biking. If you are contemplating about traveling to this place, then you need to prep up for some adventurous activities. After all, you want to make the most of it. Our intent in this post is to list out must activities in Bad Gastein. Stay tuned!

  1. Hot water Spa: – If there is one thing that you surely do not want in Bad Gastein, it is the hot water spa. As per the history, the famous emperors used to visit this place which provides numerous health benefits, especially the famous Felsenbad Hot Springs Spa where the water comes directly out of the thermal spring. You will greatly relish the hot water after having a cold outing via skiing.
  1. Stubnerkogel Mountain: – If you love the lush nature, great panoramic views and fresh air, then you cannot afford to miss out the Stubnerkogel Mountain. There are two ways to reach there. One is by hiking all the way up and the other is through the cable car which will take you right to the middle station. From the middle station, you need to hike up to the mountain.
  1. Mountain Bike: – There are nearly 150 kms of bike tracks in Bad Gaistein. Biking is one of the popular ways of exploring this beautiful city. Fresh open air, and the pleasant climate will make the biking a wonderful experience.
  1. Don’t miss the Paragliding: – Paragliding here is absolutely adventurous and there is no better place to do it than from the Flying Eldorado Dorfgastein. Ton of professionals will help you out for safe and breath taking paragliding experience. The scenic views of the Austria while paragliding are likely to leave you spell bound.
  1. Skiing: – If you are a winters sports lover, then Bad Gastein is a paradise for you. There is more snow than anywhere for skiing here at Bad Gastein. You will enjoy the Piste conditions due to extreme elevation from the surface. A total nearly 800 kms of skiing distance is available at this place. Upon acquiring a pass valid for more than two days, you will get a chance to ski across all the members of Ski Amade resorts.

Best time to visit this place

From the month of December to March, the weather is likely stay more favourable for family vacationing in Bad Gastein. For the solo or couple trip, any time of the year would be perfectly alright.

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