Aaric Eabbe August 20, 2019

Owning a boat can bring you and your family of lot of joy. It’s important to keep your boat in top shape so you can enjoy more days on the water. Here are three easy ways to maintain your recreational vessel.

Regular Maintenance

As with all machines, boats and their parts eventually wear out. Sometimes you can replace the parts yourself by finding a good deal on items such as a new screen or a Groco strainer replacement part. Other jobs, however, should be handled by a professional mechanic. Find a local repair shop with good reviews to perform regular tune-ups on your boat.

Frequent Cleaning

Vehicles that stay primarily in the water are particularly vulnerable to salt residue. If you don’t wash your boat regularly, it will take on a chalky buildup that is hard to remove and can lead to deterioration and rust. A dirty boat is also more likely to develop a mold problem. Clean the fiberglass outside of your boat regularly with soap. Then apply a wax finish to protect it from dirt and grime.

Winter Care

Unless you live in a tropical climate, there are probably going to be several months of the year when you are not using your boat. Winterizing your boat helps you keep it safe and protected during this time. The best thing to do is take your boat out of the water and store it in a garage or storage facility until it’s time to use it again. If this is not an option, consider having it professionally shrink-wrapped so that the winter waters don’t corrode it. You may find the price for this service daunting at first, but when compared to the repairs that you may have if you don’t protect your boat, the expense will likely seem reasonable.

Knowing how to care for your boat can prolong its life. You can get many more years of fun out of a boat that is well cared for.