Aaric Eabbe January 18, 2018

If you’re planning to tie the knot later this year, why not consider taking your honeymoon in Costa Rica? The natural beauty of the Central American nation is second to none and comes at a surprisingly affordable price. Newlyweds can choose between Costa Rica luxury homes along its hundreds of kilometers of coastline or head deep into the rainforests. Here are a few reasons why spending your honeymoon in Costa Rica will be incredible.

The Sunsets

One of the most romantic activities in the world is to sit and watch the sunset. Costa Rica has two long stretches of coastline on both the Pacific Ocean and theCaribbean Sea. Regardless of where you’re staying, it’s easy to find that perfect spot. Just imagine relaxing in a beachside villa with a cocktail or glass of wine witnesses the mesmerizing sunset with your special someone.

The Weather is Always Fantastic

Few people have the luxury of living in a climate that’s always warm regardless of the time of year. The temperature in Costa Rica never gets cold,and you always feel comfortable wearing a t-shirt and shorts. Just remember to visit during the dry season (November to April).


For a honeymooning spot, Costa Rica is affordable. Sure you can expect to spend thousands of dollars,but for the level of luxury and quality, it’s worth it. And the total cost of a dream trip will often be a fraction of what you would pay in other destinations such as the Caribbean or Maldives. Some people also have their wedding reception in Costa Rica as well claiming the price is lower than hosting it back at home.

Exotic Accommodation

Eco-tourism is big in Costa Rica. Not only are large areas of the country covered in dense jungle, but it also has endless national parks and nature reserves. Inside, you can find exotic lodges and accommodation to spend the night surrounded by pristine rainforest. You’ll doze off to the sound of crickets and wake up to the monkeys. Some of the resorts are more secluded than others which almost guarantees you’ll find the experience that you’re looking for.

The Ticos are Awesome

The Ticos, or Costa Ricans, often get rated as the happiest people in the world. Everyone always seems to be smiling and content with life. If you stay at the all-inclusive, expect the very best hospitality and service. Head out and explore the country and you’ll find everyone wants to help and be friendly. According to tourists, the locals are one of the reasons why this destination is such a great place to visit. What can be better than spending your honeymoon surrounded by people who are infectiously warm and outgoing?

There’s Something for Everyone

Costa Rica’s diversity isn’t just in the form of landscapes and wildlife. The country has countless activities to suit almost everyone and every interest. You can see waterfalls and trek in the jungle one day and relax on white-sand beaches the next. If you want to get the adrenaline pumping, ziplining through the canopy is a favorite activity. You can also go snorkeling, whitewater rafting, kayaking through mangroves, wildlife spotting and horseback riding. And to top it off, why not relax in the hot springs overlooking a volcano?

The Wildlife

Did you know that Costa Rica holds the world record for its animal and plant density? Probably not. Wherever you look, you’ll see exotic birds of all colors. Go into the rainforest and hear the calls of different species of monkeys. Open your eyes and see endless types of insects including 10% of the global butterfly population. Head a little deeper,and you might see sloths, jaguars and a range of other weird and wonderful critters. Witnessing this incredible diversity of wildlife is a unique experience. And it’s even more special and meaningful when you’re with that special someone.

The Beaches

Costa Rica has hundreds of kilometers of coastline and several islands in the Pacific Ocean including the famous Tortuga Island. Depending on what type of atmosphere you’re looking for, you could head to the Nicoya Peninsula for snorkeling or to the Osa Peninsula for dolphin and whale watching tours. There are incredible beaches along Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast too. Apart from relaxing on the beach, why not head out on a boat? Or, get some equipment and go snorkeling to experience the marine life. And then head to the beachside bar to top it off with sunset cocktails. Sound like paradise? That’s because it is!

The Adventure

While some people want to spend their honeymoons inside the resort or relaxing on the beach, others want to get out and experience the destination to the fullest. If you and your partner fall into the second category, Costa Rica is definitely for you. Not only will you have the chance to trek in the jungles and see volcanoes, but you can also have the adventure of your lifetime. If you have the time, why not visit neighboring Panama or Nicaragua for a day or two? Just because it’s your honeymoon, it doesn’t mean you need to extinguish the burning desire of adventure.

Now Plan Your Dream Honeymoon

Hopefully you’re now convinced abouthow Costa Rica makes an incredible honeymooning spot. It doesn’t matter if you want to spend your time on the beach, staying in the middle of the jungle or having an epic adventure, you’ll find what you’re looking for in this Central American destination. Just remember to visit in the dry season for the endless sunshine and beautiful weather.