Aaric Eabbe October 28, 2017

There are many benefits of choosing a holiday in the countryside, the UK is filled with spectacular countryside scenery which allows you to enjoy leisurely strolls or relaxed cycling trips. A countryside holiday helps you unwind, you’ll soon adapt to a slower pace of life and you can leave the frantic pace of the city behind.

  • Scenery

The peak district in Derbyshire offers some spectacular scenery, there are several beautiful holiday cottages in the picturesque peak district, which are perfect to rent for a weekend trip or an extended holiday. You’ll have plenty of time to get out and explore the countryside while taking in some remarkable sites, it’s a great way of getting in touch with nature, and leaving the hustle and bustle of city life behind. Taking a trip outside the city allows you more time to relax and plan daily adventures on your bike or on foot, you have all the time in the world to observe nature and all its wonders without having to worry about pedestrians or speeding vehicles getting in the way.

  • Family Bonding

Nothing is better for family bonding then outdoor activities, and areas such as the peak district are perfect for getting the whole family involved. There is a wide range of adventures to consider when taking your trip in the countryside, you can rent or bring your own bicycles and organise a cycling trip. If you have young kids you won’t have to worry about traffic or any other obstacles, you can cycle around at a leisurely pace enjoying all mother nature has to offer. If you had booked a weekend trip in the city, you’d never have the opportunity to bring your bicycles along and get out on the open road, it would be far too dangerous for you and your family.

  • Fresh Air

One of the most obvious advantages to taking a countryside break is the fresh air, if you live in the city or a large suburban area you won’t be used to breathing fresh, unpolluted air. The moment you arrive at your cottage you’ll immediately notice how clean the atmosphere is around you, there is no smog or fog filling the air, just clean, breathable country air. Allowing yourself some time in the countryside is great for your body, you may not have noticed the amount of toxins and chemicals your body absorbs daily living in a highly populated area where pollutants line the air. Giving your body some time to detoxify in the country air is an excellent way of clearing your lungs. Breathing in fresh, pollutant-free air is great for your body and mind, psychologically it relieves stress and increases the flow of oxygen to the brain.

This article has discussed just 3 of the many advantages associated with booking a trip in the countryside, being able to get out in the open and experience nature first-hand is great for both your mind and body. Your whole family has time to bond, enjoy beautiful scenery and breathe in clean, fresh country air.