Aaric Eabbe March 31, 2018

With your own Take a Break Travel voucher you can enjoy an affordable vacation with all-inclusive vacation programs. This is because Take a Break Travel makes it possible with awesome promotional travel deals. All you have to do is let Take a Break know that you are ready to take a break.

How It Works

First, you register for a vacation and wait for a Take a Break agent to give you a call. When they do call they will have your vacation set up and ready for you within 30 days. This is a great service feature because it encourages long-term vacation planning. So while the kids are still in school you can register for and book an all-inclusive summer vacation while the kids are out of the house and cannot interrupt your train of thought.

Personal Service

Every member of the Take a Break Travel Service is assigned a specific agent. The job of that agent is to help the family find the best travel deals and ensure that they can spend their vacation in their desired destination spot. The program is set up to accommodate the average family of 2 adults 21 years old or older with 1 or 2 children to ensure comfortable accommodations. Of course, that does not mean that this specification is set in stone without any possibility for expansion.

For those with larger families or wishing to bring extended family or other guests with them, paying an additional preferred fee is all that is required. There are no restrictions to the number of guests because Take a Break Vacation Service, after all, is fully committed to individual families and their preferences.


Take a Break Vacation destination choices change over time and that is a good feature of this service because it allows families to visit different locations each time. You can discuss your desired destinations with your travel agent when they call so that maybe you can visit all the beautiful United States destinations you like before the kids grow up and leave your home.

Knowledgeable and Responsive Agents

All Take a Break Travel Service agents are well versed in the available travel deals and have the experience needed to help our members get exactly what they are looking for. They even get the latest feedback from customers about vacation spots and activities to help you make your choice. They know where hot spots are and those little-known resources for additional information. They will also know about the Voucher details and can assist you over the phone or in person.

Terms and Condition

Take a Break Travel’s webpage clearly spells out the Service’s Terms and Conditions, and you will not have to dig to find out what the fees are for registering. Be sure to read through all of this so that you will be fully informed before becoming a member. You will not regret it when you do register and start taking your own breaks with our service.