Aaric Eabbe October 22, 2018

It’s no secret that the respect of another’s culture is not something easily attained. After all, there are often so many different cultures varying wildly in nature that some are unable to come to terms with how someone from a different country lives. With all these differences separating cultures, international relations can often feel strained. That said, there are shining examples out there of countries who are able to respect each other’s cultures – and in doing so improve their international and diplomatic relations. Countries like Russia and Japan share an excellent relationship thanks to their willingness to open up to each other.

Appreciation and respect

Considering the fact that Russia and Japan have very different ways of life and different philosophies, it’s surprising how well they get along. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that they’re so different, that both countries harbour an appreciation for and fascination with each other’s cultures. With a positive relationship that only continues to improve, it is thanks to the effort of organisations that truly care about their bonds – with one of the best examples being the Patokh Chodiev Foundation.

Breaking the ice and opening the doors with culture appreciation

The willingness and passion of Dr Patokh Chodiev to foster relations between Japan and Russia has resulted in a large organisation that dedicates itself to helping both countries experience each other’s cultures in the best way possible. They do this by sponsoring large-scale festivals in Japan and Russia. The first festival, known as the Exchange Festival is located in Japan and is quite overwhelming in scale. Millions of people go to experience this festival just because of how much of an impact it makes.  The festival, which lasts a mind-boggling eight months, is filled with just about everything you can expect from a beautiful event, with a focus on Russian theatre. Thanks to the sponsorship provided by the foundation, it continues to be a popular event that improves Japanese-Russian relations.

Admiration in both ways

The J-fest occurring in Moscow is certainly no slouch either, serving to acquaint Russians with Japanese culture and technology. You can partake in a number of events, including workshops as well as fantastic lectures. Whereas the festival in Japan concentrates on Russian performances and theatre, J-fest tends to focus on technology and seminars. Either way, both festivals offer plenty of understanding, and they continue to foster mutual respect from either country. It’s become so popular that even the tourists have begun to join in and some even plan their trip around these festivals in particular.

Considering again how different these two countries are, it’s amazing what a little bit of respect and admiration can do to improve international relations. It just goes to show just how much respect can matter when it comes to the relationship between two countries – especially countries with contrasting cultures. Let Japan and Russia serve as examples of what harmony can be, and how the world continues to move toward that ultimate goal!

Image: Pixabay.com