Aaric Eabbe February 6, 2018

Different types of Dubai holiday packages

Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The Middle East region is a highly developed one mainly because of the oil reserves in the region. Hence, this area has seen a lot of development in recent times. You have an array of countries in the region such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and others. Each of these countries has its attractions. There is a lot of traffic between Dubai and the other Asian countries like India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Therefore, you find the expatriates from these countries searching for cheap flights to Dubai from their respective countries.

The presence of the expatriate labor force in Dubai and the Middle East region make many people visit Dubai for holidays as well. In addition, you have other people looking out for Dubai holiday packages. The proximity of Dubai to these countries is also a major reason for people from these areas seeking to travel to Dubai to spend their holidays.

Therefore, you see a lot of tourist agencies opening up their businesses in India and the neighboring countries. There is a marked increase in the traffic from these countries to Dubai in recent times. This has brought in a great level of competition in the airline companies for operating cheap flights to this region. Let us look at some of different categories of Dubai holiday packages that are popular today.

· Dubai Tour Packages

Dubai rivals Singapore as far as shopping is concerned. Keeping this quality of Dubai in mind, this package places great emphasis on shopping. As a city, Dubai is beautiful. There cannot be two opinions about it.

As far as pomp and splendor is concerned, very few countries can equal Dubai. It is a city of great affluence and luxury of the highest order. Add the Arabic hospitality and the excellent infrastructure. The desert atmosphere adds to the grandeur.

Sightseeing wise, you have a plenty on offer. Dubai has some of the most beautiful architectural wonders, such as Burj Khalifa, Ferrari World, and the Dubai Mall.

You have some of the most luxurious hotels in this island city. Dubai is the favorite locations of people from the Indian sub-continent, especially the cities from the western part of the country like Mumbai, Jaipur, and Ahmedabad. The Dubai package tour includes air fare, accommodation, as well as food. You have special vegetarian food tours as well from some of the leading tour operators.

· Middle-East Tour Packages:

Dubai is the most favored location of various people in these countries of India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. There are other countries in the Middle East like Abu Dhabi, Oman, Egypt, Israel, and Turkey. There are different types of customized tours such as holiday packages, pilgrim tours and so on.

The Dubai tour packages concentrate on the shopping experiences. Families love to shop in Dubai for gold jewelry and electronic items. You have these tours from virtually everywhere in the world.

Many of these tours are tailor made packages to suit certain sections of society. You have different kinds of tours such as Dubai land tours where you traverse across the desert on the most modern cars. It is truly a great experience traversing through the desert, especially during the night time. It is one of the best ways to tour Dubai.

These tours also come with air tickets and accommodation facility. There are tours that do not include air travel. Under such circumstances, it is the responsibility of the traveller to arrange for the tickets. It should not be difficult for people to procure cheap tickets because they are available quite easily.

·  Dubai Package with Flight tickets:

This is also one of the most comprehensive Dubai tour packages you can find. This package includes air fare, accommodation, as well as food. In addition, this tour package takes care of sightseeing, airport transfers, as well as visa charges. The highlight of the tour is the dhow cruise along with dinner. Dubai is known for its hospitality. You experience the highest quality of hospitality with the representatives of the tour operators arranging for the greeting at the airport.

You have night tours along the desert that enable you to experience Nature at its best. The local sight-seeing experience, dhow cruises, and the desert trips make this particular tour package one of the best on offer.

This tour package is available from most of the major cities in India. This tour package allows the tourist to have a complete day or two exclusively for shopping. Dubai has a reputation of being a shopper’s paradise. You get some of the purest form of gold jewelry and the best electronic items. You will always find the Indian and Pakistani tourists coming back with some of the latest electronic gadgets. The duty free shopping in Dubai is one great experience.

·  Dubai Family packages:

Dubai is a place where you can safely take your family. There is no problem because Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world. Crime is literally unheard of in Dubai and the other Emirate countries. It is perfectly safe for a foreign family to be on the streets of Dubai in the dead of the night.

One of the best aspects of Dubai is that one cannot have alcohol and roam around the streets. This makes it safer for women.

The desert safari is one of the biggest highlights of this family tour package. The night trips in the desert bring out a great sense of adventure. The dhow cruise and the sumptuous dinner at Meena bazar is another highlight of this 4-day tour. The final day is left free for the women in the family to have a great time shopping.

Final thoughts

We have seen four of the best Dubai tour packages available today. A majority of the packages involve cheap air tickets. The best part of all Dubai tours is that they have free time for shopping. That is also one of the main reasons people go for Dubai tours. No wonder, Dubai is a shopper’s paradise.