Aaric Eabbe December 21, 2018

AYANA is well renowned for its world-class hospitality, exceptional resort design, superior cuisine and unparalleled service standards. On September 2018, AYANA launched the first and only 5-star resort on Flores Island’s breathtaking Waecicu Beach which is just an hour flight from the island of Bali.

The AYANA Komodo Resort, Waecicu Beach has 13 suites and 192 premium guest rooms. The design of the resort tends to bring the feeling of comfort and open living since each contemporary room provides a flawless ocean view with large windows which capture the golden glow of tropical sunsets behind the distinctive Kukusan Island.

The resort is located on one of the most rugged islands of the Indonesian Archipelago however; the Island has unique diversity of religions, languages, and landscapes – alongside crystal blue waters and pristine white sand beaches.

Fun Activities to engage at the AYANA Komodo Resort

The strategic location of the resort enables guests to enjoy various fun activities when they undertake a komodo island cruise. Some of the activities include;

·  Stand up paddleboard and transparent Kayak

The Island’s tranquil turquoise waters, the white sandy seashore and glistening tropical solar can be satisfactory surveyed by the guest while he/she is on top a paddleboard or a sea kayak.

One is guaranteed to love AYANA’s all-spherical kayak which are designed in a way that revels an unobstructed view of the beautiful sea lifestyles all round Waecicu waters.

·  Snorkeling

For those who love viewing the marine life, then all you have to do while staying in AYANA Komodo resort is to grab your fins and masks and prepare for a spectacular marine adventure.

With one of the international’s maximum renowned marine sanctuaries simply across the corner of the resort, swimming and snorkeling round AYANA Komodo Waecicu Beach is simply awesome. The beach has plenty of tropical fish, colorful corals, and beautiful anemones

·   Marine walk

It’s not only by snorkeling that one is able to view the marine life, AYANA  ensures that guests can still enjoy the paranormal underwater surroundings with the aid of their marine Walk tour.

Visitors are provided with diving suits and helmet then taken on a marine adventure that allows them to experience an underwater walk at the calm ocean mattress with colleges of fish swimming around them.

· Fun on the Jetty

AYANA’s non-public 250m jetty is an appropriate spot to kick back while playing the blue waters of Waecicu.

There’s a raft of centers to socialize, dine, and absorb the sultry solar, including its very own child-friendly jetty pool where families can have fun together.

· Private beach

AYANA Komodo Waecicu Beach ensures that their guests achieve a perfect tropical vacation which includes enjoying their private seashore for them to swim, sunbathe, and beachcomb to their heart’s content, all within a strolling distance to the resort’s beachfront all-day restaurants and health facilities.

· Wine and dine

The Island’s sunset is ideally enjoyed with a glass of wine at the resort’s unique Rooftop Bar. There is also Kisik Grill which is AYANA’s first-rate restaurant for those searching out a delicious beachfront seafood grill.

· Sunset bat watching

For an astounding day’s give up, one can take a cruise via the coastline of Kalong Island and watch lots of bats taking on the sunset sky. This is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime revel and the memories will certainly live with you forever.

· The pretty in pink Beach

Before you bid farewell to the stunning island, each guest should ensure that they enjoy an afternoon experience at the well-known crimson sand beach.

With its cotton candy colored sands, the Crimson sand beach is often dubbed as one of the most stunning beaches in the world.

· A walk on the wild side

To unwind and enjoy the Islands scenic view, on can take a hike at the most breathtaking top-of-the-hill vantage point in Komodo National Park.

Choose between sunrise and the sunset trek and get ready to fall in love with the wildly gorgeous Padar Island.