Aaric Eabbe April 5, 2019

The Hawaiian islands are truly an enchanting place that is filled with so many aspects that one may struggle to take all of it in. One such island is the mighty Maui. The island of Maui offers its locals and visitors alike to experience things unique to this magical island.

One can hike the bamboo forest, take the road to Hana and see a black sand beach, or watch the impeccable stars from the magnificent island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. If one is bored on Maui, his or her senses may be dull. The vibrancy here is great.

One such experience that will garner lifelong memories is whale watching in Maui Hawaii. There are whales that enjoy the warm waters off of the island and one can see them if they plan their trip accordingly. There are tips to making sure a person plans accordingly when it come to whale watching tours; here is a guide.

Know When to See the Humpbacks

The humpbacks use the warm waters off of the Hawaiian islands to give birth during certain months. They are typically there from November to May, with the highest peak of the season being from January through March. There are a number of ways to see these splendid creatures and one wants to plan ahead when going about doing so.

Don’t fall into the trap of booking a dream vacation to Maui in hopes of seeing the whales in August. You won’t see them. If the goal is to go on a tremendous whale watching tour in Maui, center the dates around the times the whales will be hanging around that area.

Hire the Right Company

There are a number of ways to see the whales when visiting during the season, but very few compare to actually seeing them while on the water. If a person has their own vessel they could take it out in hopes of seeing a pod of whales, however, the concern is at a minimal when one hires professionals who know the waters and can conveniently take visitors to locations that the whales may frequent.

Much like any business, not all of them provide ample knowledge, great customer service and incentives that would get a person to hire them. Ask people who have been to Maui and experienced the wonders of a whale watching tour who they hired to take them on the journey and if they could offer recommendations. Read reviews online to filter out companies that seem more like a gimmick than a legitimate experience. These things are a perfect thing to do to make sure the company will be everything that a customer deserves from a whale watching tour.

The Weather and What to Bring on Tour

Outdoor activities are greatly altered by the weather conditions of a certain area. The weather can bring all sorts of things and bad weather may limit a person from seeing the whales. Scheduling a whale watching tour is easy, and many companies will offer same day scheduling. A sunny day will be perfect if there are openings on a whale watching tour.

Pack outdoor gear that is appropriate while on the open waters of the Pacific. Hawaii is a tropical place on land but the wind and splashing waters make things chilly on a boat. Beyond clothing, a person will also want to pack things like sunscreen, binoculars, and cameras to capture the potential. All sorts of wildlife can be seen through a whale watching tour, from humpback whales to dolphins and the wonderful albatross. A person wants to be prepared for the immaculate experience by making sure they plan accordingly.